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Making Fitness Fun With Group Activities

written by: P Reddy • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/28/2011

Group fitness classes are quickly becoming a way to combat the boredom that comes with working out on your own. There are many different types of classes out there, and this means there is something to suit everybody.

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    Why Should I Try Group Fitness?

    There are many reasons people give up on their fitness goals. Often it is an on and off affair. They will join a health club, quit, and then rejoin later, promising themselves they will not give up this time. They then keep it up with a few visits a week for a short time, only to give up again after a couple of months. Some get bored, claiming they are too busy, and others are intimidated by the gym atmosphere.

    Like with most things in life, if people aren't enjoying their fitness routines they won't stick to them. One way gyms try to create a fun atmosphere is through group fitness classes. These classes provide users with an enjoyable class where they can meet people that share their fitness goals.

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    What Group Fitness Classes Should I Try?

    Today there is so much available when it comes to group fitness that it is hard to imagine anybody could get bored or reach a fitness plateau.

    Spinning classes are more popular than ever as the monotony of exercise bikes is taken away when you are sharing experiences with others, great music, and an instructor. For those who prefer something else, there is also Tae Bo, dance work-outs at the gym, and for the more low key, pilates or yoga.

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    How Do I Find the Fitness Class I Want?

    Finding a fitness class you want to partake in shouldn't be too difficult. If you are a member at a gym, take a look at their group fitness timetable and they should have a list of classes that are available.

    Those of you that aren't members of a gym should take a look around at what your town has to offer. Community centers tend to run group fitness classes and are generally cheaper than a gym.

    The only time you may have a difficult time finding a class is if you live in a rural area or if you are looking for specific classes. For instance, if you are looking for a pole dancing class in a small town you might be out of luck. However this does not stop you from trying to organize a class being held in your town.

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    What Should I Take to My Class?

    When attending your first group fitness class wear what you would normally wear to the gym. Make sure that you are comfortable and bring a towel. Often group fitness classes will make you sweat as they are usually fast paced.

    If you are concerned about the cost of the classes, it would be advisable to see if you can get a concession card for multiple work-out sessions.

    Of course the most important thing to take with you is an open mind. You will be trying out a new form of exercise and hopefully making some new friends in the meanwhile.