Extreme City Cycling and Bike Tricking for Fitness

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When most people think of extreme sports, they usually think of amazingly challenging outdoor activities that only a few can master. Visions of snowboarding or skateboarding might come to mind and maybe a few other action type sports that have typically been categorized as extreme sports. However, part of the phenomenon and mystic of extreme sports is its inherent and continuous drive toward innovation and change. Just when you think you understand this sports experience, it morphs into something even more unique and crazy, and new styles and challenges are created. Much of extreme sports can’t really be pegged, and part of the attraction for many is its elusive nature. If someone can dream it, it can become an extreme sport. The extreme athlete’s imagination is not bound by rural or urban areas either, and where there are obstacles and forces to be reckoned with and challenged, there is a potential for extreme sports. For instance, there is no limitation on what can be accomplished in urban areas just with a bike. Learn how to stay fit with extreme city cycling and bike tricking.

Pegging Extreme Cycling

Most extreme sports enthusiasts are familiar with the BMX and FMX categories of many of the extreme games events, such as the X Games. Some of these categories include BMX Freestyle Street, BMX Freestyle Big Air, Moto X Freestyle and Moto X Best Trick.1 However, new styles and categories for cycling and tricking are born every day. So, whatever you can figure out to do with a bike is great. Just remember that what goes up must come down and be mindful of all of the laws of physics. Also, don’t forget to where a helmet and to avoid innocent bystanders. From all possibilities on a bike come all forms of extreme city cycling and bike tricking. It involves racing and maneuvering between stationary and nonstationary obstacles as well as jumping, hopping and balancing on or between moving or nonmoving objects.2

Extreme Fitness

As with most extreme sports, it’s important to maintain higher caliber fitness. Some of the action sport feats accomplished may seem astonishing, but keep in mind that most extreme sports athletes are in top shape and maintain outstanding upper and lower body strength and flexibility. This is especially true of extreme cycling athletes. Very similar to mountain biking, much of what’s involved in extreme city cycling and bike tricking has to do with lifting, controlling and placing a bicycle or motorcycle very deliberately and precisely. So, not only does this take great leg strength, but it also requires major upper body strength from the arms, back and core as well as the neck and head. Pulling up on the handlebars to jump and position your bike while gravity is pulling you down at the same time can seem impossible. And with extreme city cycling and bike tricking, you are performing a variety of maneuvers and tricks that demand great strength and precision as you’re hopping from one concrete fixed object to another or racing down congested streets. So, any fitness regiment you can follow that will build muscle strength is recommended, such as weight lifting. Work on flexibility also by incorporating a stretching routine of your own or joining a yoga or Pilates class. As you develop as an extreme sport athlete, you can’t help but stay super fit.

Extreme Bike Training

Whether you’re riding a bicycle or a motorcycle, it’s essential to follow some sort of training program. However, because most cities don’t respect extreme city cycling and bike tricking as part of an official sport and, in fact, often view it as an antisocial or renegade activity, it’s often banned in urban areas. Further, a lot of people just see the danger involved or think of bicycles and motorcycles in city areas as damaging to property. Therefore, it’s difficult to find official training for extreme city cycling and bike tricking. The good news is since so many of the things involved in this urban sport are very much like the demands of mountain biking, taking lessons for mountain biking can be quite beneficial. Also find a group for extreme bike sports and learn from peers. You might have to start broad by investigating extreme sports groups first in your area. As it is with a lot of extreme sports, too, tons of information can be found online. Get the training information you need and stay fit with extreme city cycling.


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