Naked Pilates: The Bare Essentials

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Naked Pilates?

We’re definitely talking about fitness on the fringe here but hey; it’s the way we came into this world, some group way back there in history decided everything had to be covered up to avoid personal shame and being ostracized by the community. It could have feasibly gone the other way and nobody at all would have any qualms about walking around in the breeze in exactly the same manner that we all made our debut on this planet. But alas, many hang ups do exist, in the human psyche and quite literally as well.

That is what naked Pilates attempts to address. A school of thought out there believes that in order to really achieve the maximum benefit to this fitness method, one should practice it in the nude. Those that swear by it say that any amount of constriction that weaved fabrics create will lessen the experience. Clothing will cover up the precise lines of the musculature that each specific exercise is designed to create.

A trained and certified instructor will know what to look for and be able to tell when a practitioner is using an improper form or just simply cheating because the proper way hurts. But finding a class near you might prove to be difficult anyway. So if you’re planning on doing it at home, you’ll miss that particular advantage but you’ll still gain the liberating feeling of unimpeded movement and a mirror can also become an instructor.

Pilates has the best exercises for legs and glutes. Taking a regular class and mining the instructor’s expertise on precise techniques will help you and a quick internet search will also provide plenty of instructional videos for when you want to this at home.

Pilates emphasizes coordinating breath with movement to promote harmony between the mental, physical, and spiritual (the spiritual realm presumably has no need for clothing). Its enormous popularity lies in its more superficial ability to create sleekness to the body by way of the unique set of exercises created by the founder Joseph Pilates, long ago.

As long as you’re body and the others around you bereft of clothing doesn’t cause a vacant stare which precludes you from concentrating fully on the task at hand, such a class may be worthwhile. But of course, some attendee’s motives might just be questionable. Nevertheless, if you want to let it all hang out while partaking in some challenging exercises, then naked Pilates is probably for you.