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Ex 400 Sportcraft Elliptical Machine Review

written by: Daniel P. McGoldrick • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 2/25/2010

The Ex 400 Sportcraft Elliptical machine offers an easy routine for fitness beginners. Here’s a review on this machine if you’re looking to buy one second hand.

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    The Ex 400 Sportcraft Elliptical Machine is a Cheap Model That May Suit Your Needs

    Elliptical machines cause so much less wear and tear on your joints and are therefore a great choice for fitness seekers with a history of any joint pain/injury in their legs. These machines are also a good choice for elderly folks because treadmills can put a pounding on muscles, bones, and joints that have already matched the rigors of decades of use and the effects of gravity. With your arms pumping back and forth, your whole body is in the game for this cross-training workout. Adjusting the degree of resistance allows for people of varying degrees of fitness to optimize their time and the effectiveness of this piece of equipment that’s a cross between a ski machine, stair master, and a treadmill. Elliptical machines with the ability to change direction and go backwards as well offer variety and a way to tweak your workout.

    As far as the Ex 400 Sportcraft Elliptical exercise machine goes, this model is rather obsolete and outdated. It offers scaled down, most basic features since when it was on the market, it was a mass produced model, so it could be sold cheap at box stores like Wal-Mart. The Ex 400 has a heart-rate reader and keeps track of your time and resistance level. You won’t find it all that rickety and it won’t take up much space or be difficult to move. Those are good qualities for home equipment. You can get one used for around $100 - $150; just make sure it’s in as good condition as the ad claims it to be in. Otherwise, you’re not going to find one new easily. If you’re looking for a cheap, no-frills machine that you’re not going to abuse with multiple users, then this machine will work for you. Just be aware that other models you can find reviews for on this channel are superior products.

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    Mimic an Elliptical Machine Outside

    Since I'm a huge proponent of outdoor fitness, I'd like to mention that the full body motion you get with an elliptical is very similar to the movement and exercise you get while exercising with snowshoes and trekking poles. Read Snowshoeing: A Superb Winter Fitness Opportunity to learn more about that. It’s an activity that really isn’t all that much more complicated than walking. Also, if you're not aware of just how good trekking poles are at relieving a lot of the stress on knees and ankles, along with the stability they give, which greatly reduces the chances of injury, please read How to Use Trekking Poles for Hiking: The Benefits and Basics. There you'll also find the proper way to use the wrist straps which maximizes their potential for reducing stress on the legs and takes the pressure off your wrists to boot. No matter what machine or regimen you decide upon, whether it be the Ex 400 Sportcraft Elliptical, or something else, remember that a commitment to a program enhances your physical and mental outlook. Be happy for what your body can do without getting defeated by self-sabotaging thinking.

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