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60 Unusual but Fun Exercises for Losing Weight In the Summer

written by: Donna Cosmato • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/17/2011

Exercise does not have to equal sweating and groaning while bench pressing heavy weights. Here are over 60 exercises for losing weight for the summer that are fun and easy to do. Walking, jogging, dancing, martial arts, and simply doing housework can all be converted to exercise.

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    60 Fun and Easy Exercises for Losing Weight for the Summer

    Summertime equals long lazy days on the beach and soaking up the sun. It also means evaluating your body image now. What can you do today to start using the best exercises for losing weight for the summer? Focus on core exercises for the back and abdominals and create a slim trim silhouette for looking your best this summer. Here are 60 unusual ways to include more exercise in your life.

    Exercises for Summer Weight Loss - Aerobics

    Aerobic exercises and weight bearing exercises are the best exercises for losing weight for summer. Benefits of aerobic exercise are:

    • Increased heart rate
    • Strengthens large muscles and bones.
    • Burns calories
    • Protects heart health.
    • Reduced risks of critical illness
    • Promotes mental wellness.

    Dancing, playing volleyball on the beach, or practicing martial arts are excellent aerobic exercises for summer weight loss. Exercise targets the visceral or hidden fat, and reduces belly fat. Less belly fat means a slimmer, sexier swimsuit body. These exercises focus on the core areas of back and abdominal muscles and are the best exercises for losing weight during the summer.

    Exercises for losing weight for the summer 

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC recommends 150 minutes of weekly aerobic exercise for wellness. Did you know that equals just 21 minutes a day? Two 11 minute chunks of brisk activity are a simple way to include exercises for losing weight for the summer into your daily routine.

    Many people think aerobic exercise is difficult and complicated but incorporating aerobic exercises for losing weight into daily life is easy. Here are some suggestions for simple aerobic exercises. Some are conventional and some are wacky but they will all get you moving in the right direction for weight loss and fitness.

    • Climbing stairs in public building, in parks, on outdoor play structures, or in malls.
    • Pulling weeds in the garden, bending, stretching, cultivating the soil, hand-carrying water for plants, or squatting.
    • Playing with kids - ball, frisbee, jumping rope, tag, hide and seek, tug-of-war, relay or other races.
    • Roller skating indoors or outdoors, roller blading, skiing, or ice skating.
    • Bicycling solo, on a bicycle for two, with light weights in a basket, or wearing ankle weights.
    • Dancing by yourself, while holding a baby or toddler, with a companion, line dancing, chair dancing, while dusting, sweeping, or running the vacumn cleaner.

    Exercises for Summer Weight Loss - Weight-Bearing

    The CDC suggests a combination of weight-bearing, or strength training, exercises and aerobic exercise for maximum health benefits. Weight-bearing exercises like weight-lifting, jogging, hiking, or stair climbing, increase the metabolism and protect the body’s lean muscle mass. Weight-bearing exercises for losing weight for the summer also build strong bones for better stamina, endurance, and balance.

    Exercises for losing weight for the summer 

    A good guide for developing exercises for weight loss is to alternate two or three days of weight-bearing exercise with one to two days of aerobic exercise. Build stamina for playing volleyball on the beach, and as a bonus lose weight and tone your body.

    Here are suggestions for simple weight-bearing exercises for weight loss. No special equipment or skills are needed to start or maintain these exercises.

    • Walking outdoors, on a treadmill, mall-walking, walking backwards, walking the dog, while talking on the phone.
    • Using resistance bands, stretching with a broomstick, working out with a medicine ball.
    • Stretching or flexibility moves - ten minutes for each thirty minutes of screen time, playing the Wii.
    • Tai Chi, yoga, pilates, kick-boxing.
    • Golfing, water aerobics, raquet ball, tennis, other sports activities.
    • Weight lifting, wearing ankle or wrist weights while performing everyday tasks.
    • Washing the car, shoveling snow, washing windows, painting the house, mowing the lawn.

    There are no magic bullet exercises for losing weight for the summer. Some people love to dance and jog while others abhor it. Find the best physical activity for your lifestyle and stick to it.

    Before starting or change any exercise routine, it is wise to consult with your health care professional. Please read this disclaimer about the article you have just read.

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