Benefits of Torso Rotation Exercise

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The torso is comprised of your abdominal and back muscles. Your torso helps provide stability to the spine while coordinating with the muscles of the pelvis and extremities to create movement. These muscles working together create flexion, extension, lateral bending and rotational force during the movements you make. Exercise strengthens these muscles and causes the movements to function each day with a better ability. An important exercise to help strengthen this group of muscles is torso rotation exercises. There are many benefits of torso rotation exercise that can improve our daily living.

What is the torso rotation exercise? This exercise can actually be done two different ways. You can do this exercise seated or standing. Your lower body is locked into place and in a controlled motion you will twist your body to the left. Be sure that you contract your abdominals fully. Return to the starting position, then twist to the right.

So, what are the benefits of the torso rotation exercise?

Daily Activities

Including torso exercises in your daily workout routine can benefit you during your daily activities. Some people do not realize how much they use their torso muscles. If you pick up your child, strengthened torso muscles will make the load less hard on your body. This also includes the many hours some people have to sit at a desk at their job. Sitting eight to nine hours in a office chair can weaken the muscles in your torso and cause pain if torso rotation exercises are not performed.

Improved Performance in Sports

Creating a strong torso with exercise can benefit your ability to perform better in sports. Most sports require strong torso in order to be able to perform at your best. For example, golfers do this exercise to improve the strength of their swing. The harder a golfer can hit a ball, the further down the fairway it goes.

Reduces the Chance of Injury

Another great benefit of torso rotation exercise is that it can reduce the chance of injury. Lifting, pulling, and pushing can strain muscles in the abdominal and back if they are not strong. Strong muscles are less likely to get injured. A strong torso is great for a person with a bad back. When the abdominal and back muscles are strengthened, it takes more pressure off the spine.

Creates New Challenges

Once you have achieved a stronger torso you will learn that new exercises become more interesting. You will get to challenge yourself and your body with exercises that where much harder for you before. Activities that you were not able to do before, you can do when you have a stronger midsection. And once these challenges are met, you can strive to reach your next goal.

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