Feeling the Benefits of Cardiovascular Endurance

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Immediate Benefits

The first thing that you’ll notice as you develop cardiovascular endurance is that you will start feeling better. When you improve cardiovascular endurance, your energy level will increase, you will recover much quicker after a workout, and you will sleep better. This is because the heart becomes more efficient and your blood count improves as red blood cells and hemoglobin increases in your body. In addition, your resting blood pressure will decrease, your arteries will increase in size and the diaphragm will grow stronger. Your lung capacity also will increase as your lungs become more able to hold more air. Finally, you will decrease the amount of body fat.

Diseases and Ailments Avoided

Because improving cardiovascular endurance is good for your heart, you will lower your risk of heart ailments, including hypertension, heart attack and heart failure. In addition, solid cardiovascular endurance means less fat, reducing the risk of several illnesses and diseases linked to obesity, which include early death, sleep apnea, type II diabetes, prostate and colon cancer, gallstones, gout and arthritis. In addition, since you are taking in more oxygen, you’ll be breathing deeper. This has a calming effect on the body, reducing anxiety disorder, which is why so many people practice yoga and meditation. While you are improving your cardiovascular endurance, you also are releasing endorphins into the body, which have a calming and feel-good effect, reducing your risk of depression.

How to Achieve Cardiovascular Endurance

If you currently don’t have a workout routine, start achieving cardiovascular endurance by walking briskly 15 to 20 minutes most days of the week. As you stay faithful to this program, start adding 5 to 10 minutes to the routine each week. The important thing isn’t to try to change overnight, but to make small changes over time. This can include taking the stairs instead of the elevator and parking far away from the stores when you are out shopping. In addition, if you have a sedentary job at the computer, try to take walks during your lunch break or in between projects. If you are in college, walk or bike to class instead of driving or taking the bus.

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