A Beginner's "Sports Moves" Circuit Training Workout

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Cardio Circuit Training

Circuit training can involve many different types of exercise. From flexibility to muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise, circuit training is a great way to exercise at home. The following workout combines a variety of sports moves to form a cardio circuit training workout that’s sure to get your heart rate pumping. Perform each move for two minutes, then go on the the next. In ten minutes, you will complete the circuit. Repeat the 10 minute circuit one or two times, depending on your fitness level and time constraints. You could also choose to do one 10 minute circuit, 3 times during the day. Don’t forget, you’ll need to cool down with some stretching exercises.

Cardio Sports Moves

Speed Skate: Bend over and shuffle your feet to mimic someone who is speed skating. Swing arms back and forth. (2 minutes)

To increase the intensity: Skate double time swinging arms quickly from side to side for 30 seconds after the first minute of this segment has been completed. Then return to the normal rhythm for the remainder of the segment.

Shoot a Hoop: Legs should be shoulder width apart. Facing forward, move sideways 2-3 steps to the right. Stop, jump and pretend to shoot a basket. Use a real ball if you like. After you shoot, repeat, moving to the left.

To increase the intensity: When you stop, jump and shoot, jump 3 times as high and fast as you can. Keep up this faster and more intense pace for 30 seconds.

Kickboxing: Four right leg front kicks followed by 4 right leg side kicks, 4 right leg back kicks, 4 left leg back kicks, 4 left leg side kicks, and 4 left leg front kicks. (click here to find out how to perform a variety of kickboxing kicks)

To increase the intensity: Increase the kicks from 4 to 8 kicks in each set.

Mountain Climbing: Perform a double leg squat, then lift the right leg and left arm. Repeat alternating legs and arms.

To increase the intensity: Go double time for 30 seconds. Catch your breath for 30 seconds and repeat.

Canoeing Fun: Sit on the floor holding a broom stick. Twist from the waist and look behind you as you dip the right side of the stick down. Then turn to the left as you dip the left side of the stick down beside you. The motion will mimic someone sitting in a canoe, rowing.

To increase the intensity: The faster you row, the stronger the intensity. Row double time for 45 seconds of the two minute segment.


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