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Fitness Exercises for Kids

You can take a few simple steps to help your child live a longer and healthier life. Teach your family about diet and nutrition by adding fitness exercises for kids into your regular routine.

Yoga Improves Balance In Seniors

Yoga can teach you gentle postures to help improve your balance and reduce yoru risk of a fall at any age. Yoga can be done by anyone at any fitness level and many of the balancing postures can be done while holding onto a chair or counter for support. Yoga is not just for the young or flexible!

Why You Should Stick to Your Winter Workout

When the weather outside is frightful, sometimes it’s tempting to just forget that afternoon trip to the gym. Before long, workouts are a thing of the past…well, at least a thing of last fall. We all need a little encouragement to keep us going, so here are 5 reasons to stick it out this winter.