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At Home Isometric Exercises

At home isometric exercises allow you to build strength without building bulky muscles. This exercise sequence targets many different muscle groups, including abdominals, shoulders, back, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

Postural Stability Exercises

Generally speaking, postural stability is the stability of the core muscles of the trunk. This exercise routine targets these all-important muscles to improve stability. It includes relatively easy exercises for beginners, along with more advanced exercises.

The Best Cardio Exercises for Weight Loss

Cardio exercise can be a fun and effective way to burn fat and calories through a consistent program that you enjoy. Try your hand at brisk walking, swimming and cross-country skiing, all of which will help you burn calories and not only get slim and trim, but have a blast doing it.

Tips for Mapping Your Run

Mapping your run can help you meet personal record goals and keep your runs from getting too boring. There are a variety of programs, sites and tips to use to keep you running no matter where you live.

Best Cushioned Running Shoes

If you’re running don’t have enough cushioning you could be on your way to a serious injury. The best cushioned running shoes will prevent injury and leave your feet feeling amazing after a long run. Cushioned running shoes are made for all feet and step types.