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Best Yoga Exercises for Abs

Apart from simply calming and soothing your mental state, the discipline of yoga also offers a variety of fitness-related benefits. Engage in specific yoga poses (which are also commonly known as “asanas”) in order to increase the strength of your abdominal area.

Flexibility for Cyclists

Does cycling require flexibility? Explore ways in which maintaining agility can help you before, during and after bike rides. Consider including stretching routines in weekly cross-training workouts to improve flexibility for cyclists.

Cardio Kickbox Routine

Review basic kickboxing moves to develop your own cardio kickbox routine. Think about adding jab, cross and hook punches to your choreography for arm work. Consider the intensity of low-kick and knee jab movements for a lower-body workout.

Why Should You Perform Facial Exercises?

You might exercise your body all the time, but have you ever considered that your face might need to get a workout once in a while? That’s right! In this article, you’ll learn how you can do facial exercises and why they might be beneficial for your facial muscles.

Water Dumbbell Exercises to Improve Strength

Exercise while submerged in water can be extremely beneficial to getting in shape and building strength. Not just basic laps in the pool, but utilizing the full resistance of water, almost anyone can use these water dumbbell exercises to improve strength, as well as their flexibility.