10 Fitness Facts that Prove you Can Get in Shape for Free

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10 Fitness Facts

1. Walking is a Great Form of Cardio, and it’s Virtually Free.

Walking is the cheapest and most easily learned form of exercise you can do. You’ll need only one thing, a good pair of walking or jogging shoes. Wear comfortable clothing and you’re on your way. You don’t need a gym, just walk right out your front door. When the weather is bad, head for the mall.

2. Strength Training Doesn’t Require a Weight Machine.

You don’t need a weight machine to build serious muscle. Light, free weights work wonders, and so do exercise bands. You can even make your own using plastic bottles filled with sand. Weigh the bottles to determine how much you’re lifting. Your muscles don’t care what you lift, you’ll see the same benefits.

3. Exercise is a Great Way to Get More Energy without Spending Money on Coffee!

A daily 30 minute jog or walk might just get your through the afternoon without needing an energy boost. Exercise gives you energy, so you might save on Starbucks.

4. You Can Get Fit without Spending Hours Exercising.

A lot of people think you need to spend an hour at a gym every day to get a good workout. You don’t need an hour dedicated to a workout, and you definitely don’t need a gym. Thirty minutes of cardio is all you need to get many health benefits that will save you tons of money on medical care.

5. Exercise Keeps Stress at Bay.

Exercise regularly, and you probably won’t need a psychiatrist. Exercise regulates stress and boosts your mood. Depressed? Go for afternoon walks while the sun is out. Sunshine is free, and you’ll build those vitamin D levels, alleviating depression without drugs.

6. Walking Boosts Your Immunity.

Walking and other forms of moderate exercise help boost your immune system, which means less trips to the doctor. That translates into a lot of money saved on expensive doctor visits. Less colds and sick days from work mean less money lost as a result of illness.

7. Cheap Exercise Equipment is Effective Too

If you want a piece of exercise equipment, don’t worry about buying top of the line models. A stepper with tons of bells and whistles won’t burn any more calories than a basic, yet dependable model.

8. Exercise Accumulates Throughout the Day.

You can walk for 30 minutes a day, or do 3 10 minute quick walks throughout the day. Either way, you’ll receive benefits. So there’s no excuse for not getting in better shape. Park in the last row at the store, climb the steps instead of jumping on the elevator, and head out for a 10 minute after dinner stroll, and you have it.

9. Some of the Most Effective Exercises Require Nothing but Know-How

Some really effective, body changing exercises require nothing but the knowledge of how to do them. Think calisthenics, yoga, or pilates. Squats and lunges are some of the best butt busters out there. Push ups and chin ups tone arms better than anything, and bicycles are the top ab toner. None of the above require weights or machines to do them.

10. Your Exercise Routine Doesn’t Have to Be Routine.

You don’t have to pick one form of exercise and do it every single day. As a matter of fact, changing your routine is a lot more effective. So mix up those workout videos, and see quicker results without stepping a foot into a gym.