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Exercise Balls

Exercise balls provide a great strength training workout with the added bonus of slight instability, which gives muscles incentive to contract, making for even more effective exercises. Exercise balls are used for muscle toning exercises, lifting light hand weights, as well as flexibility workouts. Exercise balls are cheap, most can be purchased for less than $30. If you want a fun workout on a tight budget, try some of these free exercise ball routines that are available online.

Free Exercise Ball Routines

1. Total Body Toner: This is a 16 minute exercise ball workout from Sparkpeople, and is found on You Tube. It’s great for beginners who are just getting started using the exercise ball.

2. Core Exercise Ball Workout: You’ll develop your core quickly with this intermediate/advanced exercise ball workout from This workout features 7 different core-strengthening exercises, all using an exercise ball.

3. Yoga Ball Workout: Also from, here’s a twist on the typical exercise ball workout. This is a yoga workout, using the exercise ball. This one would be a great flexibility option after your regular strength-training workout. It’s great for most fitness levels.

4. Work the Core: This core workout using the exercise ball is great for strengthening the entire core area. This one uses a dumbbell for added resistance. You’ll do crunches, tricep dips and more with this workout.

5. Killer Ball Workout: Women’s Health presents this quick, yet advanced level ball workout. You’ll find four super-toning moves to try on the ball here. Not a whole workout, but you can certainly add these four moves to your current ball workout for even better results.

6. Free Exercise Ball Routines: This site has many different free exercise ball workouts. You’ll find upper body, lower body, butt, and abs workouts, as well as beginner and stretching workouts.


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