How to Get Rid of Neck Fat Quickly: Diet & Exercise Recommendations

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In some rare cases, neck fat can be a symptom of a serious illness, so keeping your physician abreast of your concerns and conditions is always vital to your health. However, in the majority of us, it’s just a thickness and a double chin and if you’ve arrived at this article then you must have the requisite willingness to want to do something about it.

Diet and Cardio

First off, the only real way to target that fat and evict neck fat from your body is through a commitment to cardio and maintaining a proper diet devoid of the kinds of food that cause that fat to build up. On both of those counts, the Bright Hub Health and Fitness channels have solutions and suggestions that will work for you.

You’ll have to do cardio work consistently to get that heart rate up to burn calories whether it’s running, elliptical machines, or a high energy class like aerobics or spinning. If you find one of those that you really like than stick with it or mix and match for a little variety. The point is, you do have to do it over and over to keep your metabolism up and that’s hard work but worth the effort for all the physical and mental benefits it brings.

The diet is an integral element too but for the purposes of this article, I will only tell you that our site has the solution there too with only a modicum of searching. When you’re on top of those two elements, the following exercises for neck fat will start to show the results you’re looking for.

Neck Exercises

A few sets of neck tilts, to the side and front and back are recommended. Just stand erect and slowly tilt your head to the side and hold for between 6 and 10 seconds then raise the head back up. Repeat for 3 or 4 sets depending on your conditioning. Resistance can be added using your opposing hand to whatever side you’re tilting to. This will build the muscle for a lean look.

Also, neck rotations are good: start with tight concentric circles in one direction and then make them gradually larger to the full extent. Do the exact same thing going in the opposite directions. Engage the jaw by making it protrude out with the goal of tightening the skin and muscles in the neck. You’ll feel it. Make faces. Do three sets of ten and only exercise your neck muscles once or twice a week. Listen to your body. If your neck feels overly strained by doing these then lay off and work up to it.