List of Free Workout Music for the iPod: Tunes That Will Get You Moving

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If the first thing you reach for at the gym is your iPod, you’re probably already using your MP3 player to create playlists of music that motivate you through your workout. But did you know that you can use your iPod as a trainer in addition to being a jukebox at the gym?

The web abounds with great resources for gym rats who want to use their iPods to lose weight. Kick your workouts into high gear with free specially-designed iPod song downloads and iPod video downloads to supplement your workouts.

Free iPod Workout Video Downloads

If you have a video iPod, you have access to free iPod video downloads that can show you how to work out. You can get advice on a variety of fitness topics including what foods to include in your diet, what gear to wear, and how to exercise.

Start your search for free iPod workout video downloads at iTunes. Just go to the “podcasts” area, choose “video podcasts,” and look in the “health” section. You’ll see two pages-worth of fitness and health-related video podcasts that you can download and watch when you’re at the gym.

While many of the free iTunes health downloads offer only advice, several of them actually take you step-by-step through a particular workout or move.

Your choices for free iPod video workout downloads are varied and include an Oprah podcast, the “Stripper Method” pole dancing podcast, and many Yoga and Pilates videos.

The quality of instruction and video production vary from video to video, but most of these podcasts are of excellent quality and value—especially considering that they’re free.

If you can’t find an iPod workout download on iTunes that you like, hit the web to look up your favorite fitness magazine sites. Many magazines offer both free and low-cost iPod workout video downloads. “Men’s Health Magazine” and “Women’s Health Magazine” are among the magazines that offer workout downloads.

iPod Workout Playlist Downloads

If you lack the imagination (or the time) to come up with your own workout playlist, you can also download free songs to your iPod that have been specially selected for workouts.

Check the health topic audio podcast area of iTunes for several choices including tunes from and “Motion Traxx.” These free iPod music downloads will keep you chugging through a workout.

While you’re in the health audio podcast section of iTunes, you can browse a greater selection of diet and fitness podcasts than are offered in the video download area. These podcasts may not have accompanying video, but many are produced by credible sources and offer valuable information on diet and exercise.

If you can’t find any playlists that move you on iTunes, you have a variety of workout playlists download options available to you on the web—but you’ll have to pay for most of them.

Nike + users have access to Nike’s iPod playlist downloads. Nike offers a wide variety of music made to accompany you on your power run. Designed by trainers and celebrity athletes, these workout playlists can help you power through a distance run, offer coaching, or simply provide you with continuous music for your workout.

Another source for iPod workout playlists downloads is This site was created by a personal trainer and offers playlists for many different kinds of workouts and strength-training moves—everything from running, to bench pressing, to cycling.

What makes a bit different is that each of its workout playlists include coaching from a trainer, telling you what to do during your workout. Prices for workout playlist downloads range from $2.99 to $4.99.

Check your favorite sports and fitness magazines for more iPod workout playlist downloads. Many of them, including “Shape Magazine,” also offer free or low-cost workout playlists.