Resistance Bands: A Frugal Muscle Toning Alternative

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Low Cost Alternative to Weights

Resistance bands, also known as exercise bands or workout bands, are a very affordable alternative to free weights, hand weights, and weight machines. An entire set of exercise bands costs under $100, and can be purchased for half that amount, depending on the number of bands and amount of resistance needed. Resistance band sets include bands of varying resistance. You’ll get bands that have from 5 lbs. resistance to bands with 18 lbs. resistance. Bands can be combined to create more tension making the exercise more difficult. Resistance bands are used while performing a variety of muscle toning exercises. They can be a cheap, yet effective addition to any exercise equipment collection.

Light-Weight and Great for Travel

Resistance bands are much lighter in weight than hand or free weights. You can take them with you anywhere. A resistance band can even be carried in a purse or gym bag. You can pack them in your suitcase when you go on trips too. This is a great advantage over weights that are bulky and heavy. You’ll never have to miss a workout do to travel again. Pack the bands and do your muscle toning workout right in your hotel room. The bands are quiet, unlike free weights, and don’t require a lot of space for use.

Work Every Muscle Group

You can work every muscle group with a resistance band. Attach to a door and you can work the back with a simple rowing motion. Pull the band across your chest to work the chest muscles. Stand in the middle of the band and pull the handles up toward the front of your body for a great front of the shoulder exercise. You can use resistance bands to perform squats, lunges, calf raises, tricep extensions, bicep curls, hamstring curls, as well as many different other classic muscle building exercises that typically require the use of weights. Any muscle group you can strengthen using weights can be worked just as easily with workout bands.


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