Leslie Sansone's 5 Day Slim Down Review

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Leslie Sansone’s Exercise DVDs

Leslie Sansone has produced a huge collection of “Walk At Home” dvds. She is a very personable and unintimidating fitness instructor. She keeps the conversation going during her dvds, which is pleasant in that it occupies your mind during the activity. Her walking videos are very easy to follow. There are no difficult dance moves. Her videos are not the most challenging however, and some have argued that they are not appropriate for people at higher fitness levels. Her walking videos do provide a basic and quality program for those who are looking to get started in a fitness program.

About the 5 Day Slim Down

Leslie Sansone has a collection of indoor walking dvds, and this is one of her newest. “The 5 Day Slim Down” provides 5 walking workouts for those days when the weather doesn’t cooperate or whenever you choose to walk indoors. You won’t need to brave the cold or drag out any rain gear. No equipment is needed to complete this workout either.

This Leslie Sansone walking dvd is perfect for beginners or advanced walkers. If you’re a beginner, you can choose to complete one segment, which is one mile. The more advanced can do the whole dvd for a challenging 5 mile workout that burns fat and increases the metabolism.

The entire dvd takes 1 hr. and 22 minutes to complete. The moves in this dvd are easy to follow. The first mile-long segment is a classic walking workout. The second mile-long segment focuses on toning the arms while you walk. The third works the legs as you walk. The fourth mile-long segment blasts the abs by integrating standing abdominal exercises.

Finally, the 5th mile is a fast-paced speed mile. The first four segments take 14 minutes to complete, and the 5th takes 12 minutes. You’ll be toning muscles as you walk your way from one mile to the next. It’s nice to get the cardio and toning all at once. You can choose to do one workout along with the warm-up and cool-down five days a week, or do them all every single day. There are lots of choices with this dvd. You can purchase your “5 Day Slim Down” here.


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