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How to Create an Economical Workout Routine

written by: Jennifer G • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 6/29/2011

You don't have to have a lot of money to get into shape. Find out how to transform common household items into exercise equipment. Start strength training using items from your kitchen.

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    Turn Routines into Workouts

    Exercise is big business for the fitness industry. Much of the money is made from the fees associated with joining health clubs, gyms, or the expense of hiring a personal trainer. But it doesn't have to be expensive to get in shape. You can get all the tools you need for a workout at little cost.

    Look for opportunities for physical activity doing while your daily tasks. Go for a brisk walk. You can do this during a trip to the mall. If you have a friend that lives nearby, walk to their house instead of driving. When you are in a tall building, use the stairs instead of riding the elevator. If you drive somewhere, park in the spot that is the farthest away from the entrance to the building you will be entering.

    Get a good cardio workout from doing chores around the house. Pulling weeds, raking, and mowing the lawn are ways to exercise the body. You can get a workout inside the house by vacuuming, scrubbing, and doing laundry.

    Children are naturally active, so if you have kids, follow their lead. Join them in their outdoor games. Play basketball, tag, or jump rope with them. A group bike ride is also a fun form of aerobic activity.

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    Low Cost Exercise Tools

    There are some economical exercise tools that can enhance your workout. You can strengthen your upper body using dumbbells. Another low cost way to strengthen your body is to use resistance tubing. They work by creating resistance when you pull on them. Use them to build arm muscles. Choose one that matches your level of training. Babies can also help out with strength training. Hold your baby in your hands and slowly raise your arms up into the air, and slowly lower them. This is an exercise that both you and the baby will enjoy.

    Use objects around the house as weights. Phone books, canned goods, plastic jugs of water or juice can all offer resistance. Use them as hand weights to build muscle.

    Consider buying a jump rope because they are inexpensive. Jumping rope is a great form of aerobic exercise. It's good for the heart and it helps strengthen muscles and burn calories.

    Get a step stool. You can use this to get a good cardio workout and build leg muscles. This will offer the same effect as climbing stairs.

    Purchase an exercise video. Find one that uses a program that meets your fitness needs. This will give you the feeling of participating in an exercise class from the comfort of your home. Try to find a video that has the backing of a certified fitness expert.

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