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How to Get Discounts on a Gym Membership

written by: hlruther • edited by: Angela Atkinson • updated: 10/27/2010

It is no secret that purchasing a gym membership is a costly way to lose weight or get in shape. If, however, you are considering joining a gym it may not be quite as expensive as you once thought. There are many techniques you can utilize to get a discounted gym membership.

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    Work Perks

    One of the best ways to receive a discounted gym membership rate is to check your place of work. Some companies make deals with local gyms and offer their employees a gym membership for a fraction of the cost. Occasionally companies will even offer free membership. The problem is that not all companies with these programs in place advertise them. Talk with your human resources department for more information.

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    Seasonal Discounts

    The most commonly used technique to receive a discounted gym membership is to wait for the discount to come to you. Each January gyms offer huge membership discounts to take advantage of the number one New Year’s resolution, to get fit. Discounts may include a two year gym membership for the price of one year, free gym gear with purchase of a gym membership, free months of membership, and of course a general price reduction. Visit the websites of local gyms and sign up for their newsletters. Since most gyms will advertise their latest deals in their newsletters, this is one of the easiest ways to shop for a discounted gym membership.

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    If you are not lucky enough to take advantage of any seasonal discounts or work perks then you may consider haggling for a discounted gym membership. Many gyms offer their employees a commission on all each gym membership they receive. For this reason you can treat a gym membership like a used car. Consider asking for a monthly price reduction, shorter agreement length and no upfront fees. Nearly anyone will agree to at least one of these conditions. If they refuse to budge then simply take your business elsewhere. You will be stopped on the way out the door and offered everything you want or you will find a gym that is willing to work with you. Either way it is a win for you!

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    Other Programs

    Another great way to get a discounted gym membership is to simply ask about any special programs the gym offers. Some gyms regularly offer discounts to people who will only use the gym during non-peak hours, only use the gym once or twice a week, or are not sure whether they will use the gym more than a couple times ever. Of course these gyms seldom advertise these special memberships so you have to ask about them.

    Ultimately, if you are look to find a great discounted gym membership, you will need to shop around. Once you find a few gyms you are interested in, do not be afraid to strike a bargain. Negotiating your own gym membership terms is the best way to get what you want in a gym membership.