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The Benefits of Pilates for Seniors

written by: Cheryl Gabbert • edited by: KJ Fitness,Ink • updated: 6/29/2009

The benefits of pilates for seniors are amazing. Pilates focuses on developing the core in a gentle way. If you are looking for great exercises for seniors, a pilates program might be just what you're looking for. Here are some of the benefits of pilates for seniors.

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    Pilates: Great Exercises for Seniors

    Pilates is a form of exercise that strengthens and lengthens the muscles in a balanced way. Core strength is the objective in all pilates programs. Seniors can really benefit from a good pilates program because it's important to keep our core muscles strong as we age in order to avoid back injuries. Seniors will enjoy greater flexibility, stronger muscles, and a firmer body as a result of pilates. The exercises can be performed at any level of fitness, so you can start wherever you are and work your way up slowly. The exercises are so gentle, you can be comfortable performing most of them no matter what your fitness level. Aim for three 30 minute pilates workouts each week for a total body workout.

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    The Benefits of Pilates

    The benefits of pilates for senior are actually pretty amazing. Pilates improves body alignment. Your posture will immensely improve as a result of pilates. It helps relieve tension and stress from everyday life. Pilates strengthens our muscles, especially the muscles of the core. In addition, you'll gain lots of flexibility as you get stronger. Pilates is a non-impact form of exercise, so it won't put any strain on the joints. Instead, you'll enjoy a safe and gentle form of exercise that will meet you where you are. Another benefit of pilates for seniors is that pilates improves mental alertness. Pilates could even help you sleep better.

    Some of the best benefits are the improvements to the joints that you'll enjoy with pilates. Neck, back, and shoulder pains are alleviated when seniors engage in a gentle pilates program. So if you want a low impact workout that will improve your health in many different ways, why not give pilates a try. There are pilates classes for seniors available nationwide. If you'd rather stay at home, try a beginner's pilates dvd or one that is made specifically for seniors. Seniors can enjoy great overall health improvements when they commit to a good exercise program, and pilates offers some great exercises for seniors.

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