Simple Tai Chi for Seniors

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Tai chi is perfect for anyone who is just starting an exercise program. Tai chi is a gentle, stress-relieving practice that can be a perfect part of a senior exercise program. For people who suffer from anxiety or stress-related conditions, tai chi will provide an all-natural remedy. Those who have joint problems such as arthritis will be pleasantly surprised at how easy on the joints this form of exercise can be.

Tai chi increases range of motion, balance, and flexibility in a slow, easy way. This is a completely non-impact form of exercise. You’ll learn deep-breathing skills that help relieve anxiety and stress, in addition to toning muscle. If you haven’t been exercising for a while, tai chi can be a great place to start. There are many “tai chi for seniors” classes available at health clubs and senior centers nationwide. If you can’t find a tai chi program specifically for people over the age of 55, a beginner’s tai chi class could be utilized. Those who would rather practice tai chi at home can try one of the following tai chi dvds for seniors.

3 Great Tai Chi Dvds for Seniors

Tai chi is a great way to get started on a senior exercise program. If you’d rather try tai chi at home, look for one of the following top-rated simple tai chi for seniors dvds.

Tai Chi for Older Adults with Paul Lam

Paul Lam leads this 110 minute long tai chi workout that is specifically geared to seniors. Seniors will learn to relax, reduce stress, and stay more active and independent through this beginning tai chi dvd. The dvd includes step by step instructions for completing this tai chi routine. You can do this even if you’ve never stepped foot in a tai chi class. Buy this dvd here.

Tai Chi for Enlighteners

This is a great tai chi double dvd set for people over 50. You’ll improve your balance, flexibility, and coordination with no strain on the joints. The dvd is very easy to follow, and you’ll receive a companion book and lesson manual, as well as membership to a website. Buy this dvd set here.

Tai Chi For Arthritis

This gentle tai chi workout is especially for people suffering from arthritis. This dvd will gently guide you through moves meant to relieve pain and improve range of motion. “Tai Chi for Arthritis” is a beginner tai chi program. You don’t need any prior knowledge of tai chi to participate in this workout. This is an 80 minute dvd that includes 6 basic movements and 6 more advanced movements. Buy this dvd here.