First Aid & Safety

Have you ever had to deal with a broken bone, deep wound, insect sting, or other injury? Help isn’t always available right away, so it’s important to have some basic first aid and safety knowledge to stabilize injury victims and preserve their respiratory and cardiac function. Read about basic first aid techniques and important safety information in the First Aid & Safety topic.

First Aid for a Black Widow Spider Bite

The black widow may be one of the most feared spiders in the world, but in fact the black widow spider bite is rarely fatal, due to the availability of antivenin. Learn how to provide first aid for a bite to reduce the risk of severe injury.

First Aid for Ocular Chemical Burns

Exposure to acids and alkalis can cause strong chemical burns that may cause lasting tissue damage. The eyes are particularly vulnerable to this type of damage. Learning how to perform first aid for ocular chemical burns is important for anyone who works with chemicals.

Dental First Aid Kits for Travelers

Traditional first aid kits typically overlook including supplies for dental first aid. Dental first aid kits for travelers thus become an important and handy item to have, in addition to a traditional first aid kit. Travelers may not have ready access to dental care if a emergency occurs.

Removing Toenail Fungus

It’s summer. You want to wear sandals. Then you remember your toenails and the awful looking fungus that turns them yellow. Read on to learn how to get rid of toenail fungus.

Stitches and When to Get Them

Almost everyone has had stitches and most parents have been presented with the question of whether they should take their child for stitches. How do you know when stitches are needed? This article will tell you what you need to know!