Diagnosing Eating Disorders

What causes an eating disorder? There are a variety of possible causes for an eating disorder including poor body image, body dysmorphic disorder, peer pressure, stress and other factors. Eating disorders are more common in women and teens but they do affect men as well. Learn more about the medical, social, mental and emotional causes of eating disorders and how disorders are diagnosed.

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  • Feeding the Masses - How the Media Contributes to Eating Disorders
    Given the media’s far-reaching influence, sociologists contend that movies, television, and magazines contribute to eating disorders in society. As proof, they present evidence showing just how pervasive the media’s influence is in today’s world, even when it comes to the ideal weight.
  • Food Addiction Facts - Understanding Compulsive Eating Disorder
    Uncontrollable eating followed by feelings of guilt and shame, but without the usual purging involved in bulimia. If this is you, it could be food addiction or compulsive overeating disorder.
  • Can an Eating Disorder Kill?
    Can eating disorders kill? I will look at the answer to this troubling question as well as providing information on how many people are dying from eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and binge eating.
  • Planning an Eating Disorder Treatment Schedule
    The options! The various opinions! The dos and don'ts! All of these can feel overwhelming in creating an eating disorder treatment schedule. However, there are things one can do to take power and ownership of planning a treatment schedule.
  • Understanding how Eating Disorders Affect Men
    Eating disorders among men are surprisingly common. Find out who gets them and why.
  • What are the Common Causes of Eating Disorders?
    Knowing exactly what causes eating disorders is vital for getting the right kind of treatment. Research has shown that eating disorders are often linked to biological, social and/or psychological factors.
  • How Do Eating Disorders Begin?
    There are two main questions people usually ask about the early stages of eating disorders: how they begin and what causes them. These two questions are actually quite intertwined, since what motivates a person to begin developing an eating disorder can influence what the first red flags will be.
  • Understanding the Less Common Types of Eating Disorders
    Eating disorders are characterized by unusual eating patterns, such as bingeing, purging and fasting. Though many people have heard of anorexia and bulimia, there are lesser known eating disorders that can be just as damaging to one’s health. Learn to recognize these disorders and their symptoms.
  • Why do Men Have Eating Disorders?
    There are approximately 1 million men with eating disorders in the United States according to the National Eating Disorders Association. They also believe that millions more have a form of some kind of eating disorder.
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