Other Digestive Diseases & Disorders

Experiencing digestive distress? Symptoms including bloating, gas and nausea could indicate a number of digestive disorders including gastritis, appendicitis, esophagitis and more. Check your symptoms and find more information on the risk factors, causes, diagnosis and treatment of various digestive conditions and disorders.

Treatment for Bleeding Hemorrhoids

Veins in the lower rectum and anal canal often become swollen and lead to pain and bleeding. Blood streaks found in the stools may be a cause of alarm but these bleeding hemorrhoids are usually not serious. Learn more about the treatment for bleeding hemorrhoids and how they can be prevented.

Common Colon Polyp Removal Side Effects

Colon cancer afflicts thousands of Americans, but with early detection, it’s one of the most avoidable forms of cancer. A colonoscopy can detect polyps that may lead to cancer, and removal of polyps often prevents cancer from developing. Understand colon polyp removal side effects after surgery.