What Are the Problems with Herbalife Diet Supplements?

What Are the Problems with Herbalife Diet Supplements?
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Obesity has claimed the media spotlight for several years, as doctors, patients and loved ones come out about the dangers of carrying too much weight. Obesity is now considered to be one of the top killers in the United States due to the several diseases and issues that come from having too much fat in one’s body.

With such a crisis, it’s not hard to see why many people turn to those ‘cureall’ miracle cures of weight loss pills that will help drop your weight in a day or even so called diet supplements. The desperation for some means going all out in trying to get slimmer in only days, weeks or months.

Herbalife is one of those big name product manufacturers that specialize in a wide variety of different weight management, diet supplements and weight loss products. However, since the company’s initial start in the early 1980’s, it has seen its share of problems when it comes to their products. Here, learn about the problems with Herbalife diet supplements.

Problems with Herbalife Diet Supplements

As mentioned above, Herbalife has been in the weight loss game since the early 1980’s, with the official launch of their services in 1985. The company gained a lot of success and despite issues that have plagued it in the ensuing years, the company is still a very popular maker of weight loss and dieting products.

But it is the products themselves that have a host of problems with Herbalife diet supplements. The first is the obvious case of side effects, which are the ill results of the ingredients reacting badly with the individual who is taking them. Most products will contain certain ingredients that some people are allergic to; for example, a number of Herbalife products contain soy or seafood products that for someone with an allergy to one of them could go from annoying to fatal.

A recent report done by Bio-Medical found that some of Herbalife products contained high levels of lead and silica. Small amounts of both of these can be consumed, however large doses can cause internal problems with the body and even death. Before 2004, several companies - including Herbalife - had products that contained the addictive drug called ephedra, which has now since to be shown to cause primary pulmonary hypertension when taken and that it may take years before the effects are actually shown or caught.

Along with concerns over what ingredients are in Herbalife, the company itself has been labeled with the terms of questionable practices when it comes to their marketing and advertising campaigns. Some of their products were marketed as a means of giving people better health and healthier living, which could be misleading in terms that taking diet supplements alone can not do that.

If you’re worried about the problems associated with Herbalife diet supplements, the best recourse is to avoid taking the supplements or by seeing your doctor and getting advice on the pros and cons of taking this or other diet supplements.


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