Diet Reviews

Is South Beach all it's cracked up to be? Will you really lose ten pounds in ten days drinking a special lemonade? Find out here by reading what others are saying about diets that have been around the block a few years, or new ones that the latest celebrity recently lost a ton of weight on. Learn if the Cabbage Soup Diet is a fad or really something to consider.

Flat Belly Diet Review

The Flat Belly Diet has been billed as the answer to the battle of the bulge. The claims of this diet include that you can lose weight without doing a single situp. Can the Flat Belly Diet live up to these claims? This reviewer strives to find out.

Is A 500 Calorie Diet for You?

Trying to lose weight quickly? In this article, we’ll take a look at some delicious menu selections from one restaurant which has a Weight Watcher’s point system where meals are under 500 calories.

Nutrisystem Review: How I Lost the Weight

We have all seen the Nutrisystem commercials on television and found ourselves wondering if the system really worked. Well I decided to give it a try and find out for myself. My results were positive and I would like to share with you how the system helped me lose weight.

What is the Western Diet?

There’s a new term on the diet market, and it’s called “the western diet.” The only problem is that this may be one diet you don’t want to start following.

The Higher Protein Diet – Weight Loss Program

Foods that are rich in protein are effective in the achievement of weight loss when combined with small quantities of carbohydrates. The body automatically converts the protein to glucose via a process known as Gluconoegenesis. This boosts a dieter’s energy thus improving their health.