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Diet, Nutrition and Healthy Eating focuses on the science, psychology and philosophy behind weight loss, weight maintenance and healthy eating for life. The aim of this channel is to keep you informed and up to date on the basics of nutrition and what constitutes a healthy diet. Discover how to choose nutritious meals for you and your family, as well as learn the basic philosophy behind maintaining healthy eating habits.
A wide range of diet and nutrition articles representing different points of view within the diet industry have been written and edited by nutrition professionals and technical writers. Learn how to stay motivated while losing weight, the basics of BMI, how to shop for budget-friendly and nutrient-dense foods, and more.
Unlock the secrets of nutrition basics such as the facts about Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Learn how to eat healthy when eating out. Read about a wide variety of diets: Atkins, Weight Watchers – yes, we even include the Cabbage Soup Diet!
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Plastic Food Packaging Health Risk: What You Need to Know

Do we routinely face a plastic food packaging health risk? Well, some plastic food containers do pose certain risk, especially if used improperly. Read on to learn about these containers, the risks that they can pose, and how to best use them to ensure that health risk is minimized.

Canned Tuna Mercury – What You Should Know

In 2010, both the EPA and FDA targeted the high amounts of mercury that may be contained in seafood. The health effects of mercury are detrimental, and knowing that it could be in popular seafood may be disturbing. What foods should you avoid and are there some you can still enjoy?