Diabetes is a serious and chronic illness that can affect men, women and children. It is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States. Type 1 Diabetes, also known as Juvenile Diabetes, typically has an onset in childhood although it can be diagnosed in adults as well. While the causes are not well known, this condition has a large genetic component and occurs when the body is not able to produce it’s own insulin.
Type 2 Diabetes is typically diagnosed in adults, although it has recently been diagnosed in children as well. While there is a genetic component to type 2 diabetes, the condition can also be brought on by lifestyle. If a patient is diagnosed as being pre-diabetic this means their body has started to build a tolerance to glucose. They can prevent the occurrence of diabetes by adapting healthy lifestyle habits including a low-sugar diet and exercise.
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Diabetic Meal Replacement Drinks

Are diabetic meal replacement drinks like Boost Glucose Control, Glucerna and GlucoBurst effective and safe to use? The best strategy to control blood sugar levels in diabetics is to lose weight and maintain a diet that is low in carbohydrates and fat. Find out how meal replacement works.

Juvenile Diabetes Diet

Although the cause of childhood diabetes is not related to obesity or excess sugar in the diet, its management nevertheless involves meal planning and monitoring of blood sugar levels. Learn more about how to plan and prepare a juvenile diabetes diet.

Blood Glucose Meters That Test A1C

Keeping track of blood glucose levels is an important responsibility for people with diabetes. An A1C blood test should also be done at least twice a year. With new technological advancements, there is now a blood glucose meter that tests A1C that can be used at home.

Signs of Childhood Diabetes

Diabetes type 1 affects thousands of children and young adults. Unlike adult-onset or type 2 diabetes, juvenile-onset or childhood diabetes is an autoimmune disease not related to obesity or diet. Learn more about recognizing the signs of childhood diabetes to prevent complications.