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  • Worldwide Prevalence of Diabetes
    A variety of factors contribute to the global diabetes prevalence worldwide. Find out what causes places like the United States to expect twice the amount of cases of diabetes over the next 10 years, while Southeast Asia will experience triple the amount of diabetes cases in the same time.
  • Does Shakiness From Low Blood Sugar Indicate Diabetes?
    If I get shaky from low blood sugar does that mean I am diabetic? The short answer is yes and no. Low blood sugar can be a symptom of other conditions not related to diabetes. Yet, it can be a serious health issue which requires careful monitoring.
  • Symptoms of Juvenile Diabetes
    Type 1 diabetes, or juvenile diabetes, affects millions of children worldwide. Here is a list of juvenile diabetes symptoms which can range from seemingly harmless ones to strikingly obvious indications that there is something wrong.
  • Why Diabetes Causes Dry, Itchy Skin
    Diabetes and itching skin often occur together. Several diabetes symptoms can cause skin conditions. Treatment options are available that can help prevent skin problems in diabetics.
  • A1c and eAG Lab Test Guide
    Has your doctor recommended the A1c and eAG test? If so, read on to learn more about it.
  • The First Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes
    The first signs of diabetes can vary, though some are the same for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Learn about these symptoms, which type they most often appear in and when a physician should be consulted.
  • Symptoms of High Blood Sugar
    High blood sugar symptoms should be taken seriously because of they can intensify if left untreated. Learn about these symptoms of high blood pressure and how they tend to appear in patients with high blood glucose levels.
  • How Can I Test for Diabetes
    Wondering how to test for diabetes? There are several tests available. Your physician will determine the right test for your particular circumstances. The following are a few of the available screening tests that can be used.
  • Type 2 Diabetes Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis
    Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of this chronic disease affects millions of people. Learn about what causes it, symptoms to watch for and tests for diagnosing diabetes.
  • What Is Type 3 Diabetes?
    What is type 3 diabetes? Unlike types 1 and 2, type 3 diabetes is not well defined. There are a few conditions that have been termed as type 3 diabetes (including gestational, double, and electrosensitivity), but this article will focus on recent research linking it to Alzheimer's disease.
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