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Managing diabetes can be challenging, especially for newly diagnosed diabetics. Diabetes diet planning software makes the task of monitoring carb intake, recording blood glucose level (BGL) readings, and tracking insulin or oral medications more manageable. Finding the right program for your particular needs and preferences is important.

Calorie King Nutrition & Exercise Manager

The Calorie King Nutrition & Exercise Manager features a food database with over 50,000 entries, a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you easily record data, a daily food diary to help you track what you eat, and a section that tells you how much food you can eat the rest of the day, It also includes a calorie estimator that tells you how many calories you should be eating, while allowing you to set and monitor dietary goals, graph your progress, print reports, and add more users if others in your family are also diabetic. Provides automatic updates. Download: $45. Free trial available.


Diabasics also helps track your diet, and chart recorded information to help you carefully manage your diabetes diet and BG readings. Not only does it log your BG levels, but it charts which finger you price for each blood test so you can avoid the added pain of testing the same finger too often. Also tracks insulin injections if needed. Download: $29.95. Free trial available.


DietPower is nutrition-tracking software that guarantees to help you lose weight. It features calorie tracking, data on the calories burned during specific exercises, meal planning helps, recipes and more. In addition, this diabetes diet planning software monitors 33 nutrients to help ensure you’re getting the correct nutrition to care for your condition. Evaluates nutrition of meals eaten and recommends foods to provide missing nutrients needed for the day. Download: $34.95. Free trial available.

Fitness Assistant

Fitness Assistant allows users to count and monitor calories, carbs, protein, fat and more; track metabolism and automate specific tasks to reach fitness and weight loss goals more easily. This program adjusts to your individual metabolism based on your fitness level and daily food intake, and then displays the calories needed to lose weight and better manage your diabetes. And tracks the calories burned during specific exercises and daily activities. Download: $49.95. Free trial available.

Food Choices

Food Choices from Nutritional Computing Concepts features a food database with over 4,300 foods and over 430 meal plans. The program’s nutritional assessment tracks the user’s personal information such as activity level, age, gender, health history and more and offers nutritional goal suggestions based on that information. Aids in weight loss, proper meal planning, controlling food allergies, understanding the nutritional information in the foods you eat, finding exchange list and dietary information in recipes you prepare, and track individual nutritional information based on the foods eaten. Download: $19.95.

Each of these diabetes diet planning software programs offer a number of helpful features to assist in managing your diabetes and controlling the disease for improved health. Try all of them and select the one that will best suit your personal goals and personal needs.

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