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  • Metabolic Syndrome and Risk of Diabetes
    Learn more about how metabolic syndrome and risk of diabetes are interrelated. Discover what the two have in common and what separates them.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Pre-Diabetes
    Can you list the signs of pre-diabetes? Here we will list and explore the signs and symptoms of pre-diabetes.
  • Definition of Pre-Diabetes
    Every year in America, over a million people are diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is a precursor to full-blown diabetes. To get a better understanding of pre-diabetes it helps to have a standard pre-diabetes definition.
  • The Relationship Between Obesity and Type II Diabetes
    Are people who are obese at higher risk for diabetes? Find out more about the relationship between type II diabetes and obesity - and what you can do to lower your risk.
  • Factors Affecting Diabetes Life Expectancy
    Diabetes is the seventh leading cause of death in the United States, explains the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Left unmanaged, this incurable chronic condition can lead to complications such as heart disease which can impact diabetes life expectancy.
  • Can Stress Cause Diabetes?
    When you are under stress, blood glucose levels rise quickly, but stress prevents your body from emitting insulin. Can stress cause diabetes? No, it can’t, but stress can worsen diabetic conditions. Learn more about the associations between stress and diabetes.
  • Causes of Diabetes Mellitus
    Causes of Diabetes Mellitus vary depending on the type of diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, there is damage to the cells of the pancreas due to the abnormal function of the immune system. Type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes are mostly caused by lifestyle factors.
  • How Can You Prevent Diabetes?
    Diabetes is a disease that causes lifelong health problems. How can you prevent diabetes? Reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by losing weight, maintaining a healthy diet and adding physical activity to your daily routine.
  • The History of Diabetes
    The history of diabetes goes back to the time of the ancient Greeks. They coined the term for this devastating condition from the Greek word meaning "siphon," in a reference to the frequent urination which accompanies this condition. Without a true grasp of its cause, the disease was fatal.
  • Diabetes Incidence in the United States
    The incidence of diabetes in the US is alarming, with over 23 million children and adults now suffering from the disease, according to the American Diabetes Association. Although genetics plays the leading role in type 1 diabetes, obesity and lack of exercise causes the bulk of type 2 diabetes.
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