Important Facts on Heart Disease: Facts and Statistics on Heart Disease in America and the World

Important Facts on Heart Disease: Facts and Statistics on Heart Disease in America and the World
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Key Heart Disease Facts and Statistics

Heart disease, also known as cardiopathy, is a common term that encompasses a variety of different diseases related to the heart. It is the main cause of death in countries like Canada, United States and England. Of the total deaths in the United States, approximately 25.4 percent deaths are caused by heart disease. Here are some more important facts on heart disease that are certainly a cause of concern:

Key Facts on Heart Disease

  • According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the main cause of death globally. Every year, more people die of heart disease (coronary and rheumatic) than any other diseases.

  • In 2004, almost 7.2 million people died of coronary heart disease. Globally, cardiovascular diseases account for 29 percent of all deaths.

  • According to studies conducted by the WHO, people in the developing countries are now more prone to heart disease. Almost 82 percent of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases (including diseases affecting the heart) occur in middle and low income countries. The key causes of CVDs include poor lifestyle, diet, stress and high blood pressure.

  • According to WHO, almost 23 million people will die of coronary and rheumatic heart disease and stroke by 2030. The South East Asia region will see an increase in the number of deaths due to heart disease.

Heart Disease in the United States

  • Almost 785,000 Americans suffer from a heart attack every year. Almost 470,000 people who have suffered from a heart attack in the past are likely to suffer from another attack annually.

  • In the U.S., heart disease is the key cause of death in both men and women. Almost 600,000 million people succumbed to heart disease; an alarming 26 percent of deaths were caused by heart disease in the U.S.

  • By 2010, heart disease will cost around $300 billion in the United States. These include medicines and surgeries, health care services and loss in productivity.

  • In 2006, the state of Mississippi in the U.S. recorded the highest number of deaths due to heart disease, whereas Minnesota recorded the lowest.

  • There are a variety of risk factors of heart disease. Among several factors, inactivity and obesity are one of the main contributors of heart disease. High blood pressure is also one of the main causes of heart diseases. In 2006, almost 39.5 percent adults in the U.S. reported suffering from heart diseases due to inactivity, whereas 33.9 percent adults reported obesity as one of the major risk factors of heart disease. This is one of the most important facts on heart disease as it clearly shows the key risk factors that people need to take care of.

  • In the United States, heart disease is the main cause of deaths in men and women. In 2006, almost 316,900 women and 315,700 men succumbed to heart diseases. Going by the 2006 stats, it is evident the same number of men and women die each year due to heart disease. So calling heart disease a “man’s disease” is completely wrong.

Facts on Coronary Heart Disease

While there are many facts on heart disease, key stats on coronary heart disease, a type of cardiovascular disease, is quite alarming. Here are some important facts and figures:

  • Men suffer from coronary artery disease more than women.

  • Almost 83 percent of people succumbing to coronary heart disease are over 65 years old.

  • In the United States, people die mainly due to coronary heart disease than any other type of cardiovascular disease.

Some More Key Facts on Heart Disease

  • Early action is one of the most important steps in treating heart disease. According to a 2005 survey, out of the 92 percent patients suffering from chest pain, only 27 percent knew that angina or chest pain is one of the key symptoms of heart disease and hence called 9-1-1 when they or their relatives were suffering from an attack.

  • Some key statistics and facts on heart disease have suggested that most people have not acted early when symptoms of heart disease occurred. In the 2005 survey, almost 47 percent deaths occurred outside a health care center or an emergency hospital in the U.S., clearly suggesting the lack of awareness among people. To understand the key causes, symptoms and risk factors of heart disease, read A Comprehensive List of Heart Diseases.


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