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  • Colon Cancer Radiation Treatment
    Radiation treatment for colon cancer can be given to patients alone or in the form of combined treatment. It is given to shrink the tumor size, kill the residual cancer cell after surgery, relieve the symptoms and prevent recurrence. Usually, radiotherapy is well tolerated by patients.
  • Stages and Symptoms of Colon Cancer
    A diagnosis of cancer is not complete without mentioning its stages, which is the extent of the cancer in the body. Colon cancer is no exception. However, early colon cancer stages and symptoms are not specific, making the diagnosis of colon cancer a real challenge.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Colon Cancer in Kids
    Colon cancer is a growth of malignant tumors that have invaded the lining of the larger intestine and rectum. Colon cancer usually affects men and women over the age of 50, but small kids suffer from this disease as well. Learn about the signs and symptoms of colon cancer in kids.
  • Homeopathic Treatment Options for Colon Cancer
    Cancer of the colon has caused 17 deaths per 100,000 people in the United States in the recent years. Different modes of treatment such as surgery, chemo and radiotherapy are often given to patients depending on the cancer stage. Is homeopathic colon cancer treatment beneficial?
  • Signs and Symptoms of Cancer of the Colon
    It is common for people with colon cancer to experience no symptoms in the beginning of the disease. Blood in the stool and a change in bowel habits are symptoms of cancer of the colon, but they can also be due to other factors. Screening after age 50 is important for early detection.
  • Chemo Treatment for Colon Cancer
    Colon cancer chemo treatment is necessary if the disease has reached an advanced stage. But in some cases, adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy may have to be used even during the early stages of colon cancer.
  • Radiation Treatment for Colon Cancer
    In colon cancer treatment radiation therapy is one of the critical components. Radiation may be used before or after surgery. External or internal radiation therapy may be required depending on the tumor size.
  • Treatment Options for Bowel Cancer
    Bowel cancer is cancer that is located in the small or (mostly) large intestine. This article details the three most common types of bowel cancer treatment: surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Patient Information on Colon Cancer Early Symptoms
    This article focuses on providing all of the important patient information on colon cancer early symptoms.
  • Screening Tests for Colorectal Cancer
    Screening tests for colorectal cancer offer a key advantage by supporting an early diagnosis of the disease. Effective treatment for colorectal cancer is possible if it is detected early.
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