Children and Infant Nutrition

Children and infants have nutritional requirements and needs that are unique to their rapidly growing bodies. Here at the Diet & Nutrition Channel you’ll find expert advice on feeding your children the right stuff to keep them healthy and active. You’ll find tips to get fussy children to eat vegetables, discussions over the health benefits of breastfeeding vs. formula, whether your teen is getting the nutrients they need and more.

Omega 3 in Baby Milk

Mother’s milk supplies a baby with the omega-3 fatty acid DHA. Sufficient quantities of DHA are essential for healthy infant development as well as maternal well being. Mothers must take measures to supplement their diets with essential fatty acids. Formula fed babies also need supplementation.

Healthy Snacks For Children

Kids love to snack. As a matter of fact, most kids snack more than they eat meals. Little stomachs are actually better equipped to eat small amounts of food through the day. The trick is finding healthy snacks for children. These snacks provide both kid appeal and nutrition.