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  • How to Make Healthier Kids' Snacks
    Instilling good eating habits in our children is essential. Helping your child get into the habit of healthy snacking is a routine that they are likely to carry with them into their adult years. With obesity on the rise, eating the right foods is more important now than ever.
  • Non-Dairy Calcium Rich Foods for Growing Children
    Calcium is an essential nutrient in every child’s diet, and milk and dairy products are one of the best dietary sources of calcium. However, many people avoid dairy, and it is possible for your child to grow into a strong and healthy adult without milk.
  • The Nutritional Needs of School Age Children
    Rapid growth marks the infancy and puberty stages of a person’s life, but children experience slow growth during school going stage, which comes in between infancy and puberty. Read on for an overview of nutrition and school age children.
  • Making Sure Your Child is Getting Enough Iron
    Children need iron for many reasons - but exactly how much is enough? How do you know that your child is eating enough food sources of iron? Meeting the iron requirements for children is critical, but mineral balance doesn't have to be complicated, in fact, it's as simple as a healthy diet.
  • How Important is Magnesium for Children?
    It is no surprise that children need calcium for strong teeth and bones, as well as proper growth. What about magnesium? Magnesium is essential for children, but not only for bone health - this mineral acts as an instigator and regulator for many of the body's critical functions.
  • Healthy Eating for Children
    With childhood obesity continuing to rise, healthy eating for children must become a priority for both parents and schools. With a bit of education, knowledge, and guidance, children and their families can eat healthy - starting today.
  • 5 Creative Ways to Get Your Kids to Eat Their Veggies
    We all know how difficult it can be to get the recommended daily dose of veggies into our kids. Even if you’re blessed with a child who isn’t a picky eater, it can still be a chore. Here are 5 creative ways to get that good stuff down the hatch and tips on how to be sure your attempts are a success.
  • Fun Fourth of July Snack Ideas for Kids
    Are you looking for fun Fourth of July snack ideas for kids? Make your celebration special with these simple treats!
  • Not Hungry? Not Again! Tips on Feeding the Fussy Eater.
    Does your child whine "I'm not hungry" every time meals are served? Are you worried that your child might starve or end up malnourished because he won't eat his vegetables? You are not alone.
  • Kids Halloween Party Foods: Make Your Next Halloween Party Frightfully Special!
    Are you looking for fun foods for Halloween? Look no further than Bright Hub. In this article, we will highlight several ideas for kids' Halloween party food!
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