Healthy Snacks For Children

Healthy Snacks Kids Love

Since kids snack frequently throughout the day, it’s vital that we give them nutritious options. Here are some easy to fix, but super-healthy snack options that require almost no cooking and little prep work. In addition, these healthy snacks for children are fun and appealing.

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

Make a fruit and yogurt parfait. Layer low fat yogurt, berries, and low sugar organic granola cereal in a clear, plastic cup. Top with a few colored sprinkles, if desired. This is an awesome after school snack that will draw your child’s attention.

Why This Snack Is Healthy:

This pretty parfait provides one serving of low fat dairy, one serving high fiber, antioxidant-rich fruit, and one serving of low fat, organic whole grain.

Ants on a Hill

natural peanut butter

apple sections


Let your child spread peanut butter over apple sections that you have cut up. This is the hill. Your child can now place the raisin "ants" on the peanut butter hill.

Why This Snack Is Healthy:

This snack not only provides a serving of fruit, it has a good balance of carbohydrates and proteins that keep blood sugar levels stable.

Melon Ball Caterpillars

honeydew melon balls


two pieces of firm, shredded carrot

Position the melon balls to form a slightly curved line on a small plate. Place the raisins on the front melon ball to form two eyes, and use two pieces of shredded carrot to make two antennae. Kids can actually assemble this fruity treat themselves.

Why This Snack Is Healthy:

A whole serving of fruit is provided, with no added sugar, which makes for a healthy treat.

Bell Pepper Butterflies

one string cheese

one orange or yellow bell pepper

fat free cream cheese

2 raisins

Remove the top of bell pepper, and clean out the seeds. Half the pepper lengthwise. You will have two large sections of pepper. Cut each section in half horizontally. Place string cheese on a plate. Use a small amount of cream cheese to adhere the pepper slices to the cheese. Put pepper slices on each side of the string cheese to resemble butterfly wings. Add raisin eyes.

Why This Snack Is Healthy:

The string cheese is a low fat dairy source, and this mixes great with a whole serving of veggies. Moms and kids alike can’t resist that combo.

Toast People

one slice whole grain bread

gingerbread man cookie cutter

natural sunflower butter

mini dark chocolate chips


Toast a slice of whole grain bread. Have your child cut out a person from the gingerbread man cookie cutter. She can now spread the "man" with natural sunflower butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Place two mini chips to form eyes. Use a cherry sliver to make a little red mouth. Use 3 more mini chips as buttons.

Why This Snack Is Healthy:

A serving of whole grains and protein-rich sunflower butter make for a protein and carbohydrate balanced snack. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and has been shown to be healthy in small amounts.