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  • Cervical Cancer Stages
    When diagnosing cervical cancer, medical professionals use certain criteria in order to determine the stage of the disease, or how far the cancer has progressed within the body. In this article, you will learn "What are the different stages of cervical cancer?"
  • Importance of Pap Smear to Prevent Cervical Cancer
    The Pap smear is a non-invasive test developed by Dr. George Papanicolaou in the 1930's that has been the screening method for cervical cancer. Read on for more information about Pap smear in cervical cancer prevention.
  • Radiation Therapy for Cervical Cancer
    Radiation therapy is a good way to eliminate cancer cells in the cervix. Two types of therapy include internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy) and external beam radiation therapy (EBRT). Learn how cancer cervical radiation therapy works along with side effects, prognosis, and follow-up care.
  • Symptoms of Cervical Cancer
    Learn about the early symptoms of cervical cancer and how to overcome the issues of infertility.
  • Research on Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment
    Cervical cancer is the third leading cause of cancer death in the world. Recent research on cervical cancer has produced the Gardasil vaccine, proven to prevent infection with the virus that causes cervical cancer.
  • The Cervical Cone Biopsy Procedure
    The cervical cone biopsy procedure is used to diagnose cervical cancer. Learn about the procedure, the risks and possible complications, and find help for dealing with a possible cancer diagnosis.
  • Total Pelvic Exenteration: Procedure and Risks
    If you are getting ready to have a total pelvic exenteration surgery, it will help to learn more about this surgery, how it is performed, and the possible risks that you face after the surgery. To learn more about these, read on.
  • Signs of Cervical or Uterine Cancer
    Knowing the signs of cervical and uterine cancer can save your life. Regular screening tests called Pap tests or Pap smears can prevent cervical cancer and catch it early, but many women don’t get tested, and there is no screening test for uterine cancer. Learn when you should see your doctor.
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