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  • What are the Signs of Depression in Men?
    While they tend to be quiet about their symptoms, men do suffer from depression. Their symptoms differ from women and they may cope with their problems in other ways, such as with alcohol. Learn about the symptoms of depression in men.
  • The Types of Assessment Used to Diagnose Major Depressive Disorder
    The assessment used to diagnose major depressive disorder consists of a series of symptoms, of which five or more are present for a period greater than two weeks.
  • Discovering Different Types of Depression
    A comprehensive list of the different types of depression.
  • The Signs & Symptoms of Psychotic Depression
    Psychotic depression is a condition where patients manifest with both depression and psychosis symptoms. What are the signs and symptoms of psychotic depression? They include hallucinations, delusions, feelings of worthlessness, and suicidal ideation.
  • Symptoms of Depression in the Elderly
    Although some believe depression is a normal part of aging, it isn’t. Depression in older people is confused with other illnesses; it is complicated by prescribed medications and by difficult life circumstances. Learn about the depression symptoms elderly people experience in the following article.
  • What are the Physical Symptoms of Severe Depression?
    Depression can affect the body, especially when the condition is severe. Aches, pains, and stomach upset are some of the physical symptoms of severe depression. Learn what other symptoms can occur.
  • What are the Signs and Symptoms of Psychotic Depression?
    Are you severely depressed and hearing voices that are telling you to harm yourself? You may be suffering from psychotic depression. This illness can have fatal consequences if left untreated.
  • Can Zinc Deficiency Cause Low Energy and Depression?
    How is a zinc deficiency related to low energy and depression? Is it safe to supplement with zinc to treat these conditions? Read on to discover these and other answers.
  • Understanding Depression: Simple Truths and Facts
    Everyone goes through times in their lives where they just have “the blues”, it is usually a response to a specific incident in their life, i.e. job loss, death in the family, etc. But this is not depression. Here we discuss the key facts about depression and why it is commonly misinterpreted?
  • Surprising Symptoms of Depression
    Some of the possible signs of clinical depression seem strange. Depression is more than just being sad—some of the other common depression symptoms may surprise you.
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