Causes of ADHD

What causes ADHD? Is it purely genetic or do diet and environment play a role? Explore research and findings behind what causes attention deficit hyperactivity disorder from biological, genetic and psychological factors.

Food Dye, ADHD and the scientific link

Food dyes have been used for decades, and their safety has been questioned for nearly as long. Recently published research suggests that these additives may be responsible for increased cases of ADHD, allergies and even cancer.

The Causes of ADD ADHD in Children: Facts and Myths

Myths about the causes of ADD/ADHD in children have been around since the condition was recognized at the beginning of the 20th century. The blame goes to everything from sugar to lack of discipline to the children themselves. But what is the real cause? Read on to learn the facts.

Is ADHD Genetic? New Facts Question the Relation

Is ADHD Genetic? According to research there is a strong link between ADHD and genetics. Studies show an influence by one or more genes play a significant role in the onset of ADHD, particularly in children. By identifying these genes, scientists hope to make progress in treatment and maybe a cure.

Facts on ADHD and ADD

Many people both young children and adults suffer from ADD or ADHD. There are several causes of the condition and a variety of treatments available for these people.