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  • The Link Between ADHD and Sugar
    Your friend says to avoid giving sugar to your child with ADHD, but your doctor disagrees. Who should you listen to? Researchers have studied the connection between ADHD and sugar. Here are both sides of the debate.
  • Facts about ADD/ADHD
    Many people both young children and adults suffer from ADD or ADHD. There are several causes of the condition and a variety of treatments available for these people.
  • Understanding ADHD: Simple Definitions
    Many children in today's society are diagnosed with ADHD. But what does ADHD stand for? And what causes ADHD in children?
  • Pregnancy and ADHD
    While researchers don’t know for sure, factors such as smoking, alcohol and maternal anxiety can contribute to the development of ADHD in the young child. Find out more in this article about pregnancy and ADHD.
  • Insight into the Hunter versus Farmer Theory of ADHD
    Is ADHD a disorder or a form of adaptive behavior? According to the creator of the "Hunter versus Farmer" theory ADHD used to be a strength rather than a weakness. The controversy surrounding this theory doesn't take away from its main message; the value of ADHD traits is in the eye of the beholder.
  • What is Attention Deficit Disorder?
    What is attention deficit disorder? What causes it, what are the symptoms and does it affect only children? Find answers to these questions and more in this article.
  • The Medicial Basis for ADHD
    While there are those who still believe that ADHD is primarily a behavioral problem limited by social constructs, doctors and other medical professionals have established a real medical basis for ADHD.
  • Exploring the Causes of Attention Deficit Disorder
    Is there a single cause of ADD? Researchers don't seem to think so. The causes of Attention Deficit Disorder are probably varied, including both genetic and environmental factors.
  • What do we Know about the Genetics of Attention Deficit Disorder?
    Studies show that genetics play a considerable role in the incidence and development of ADHD. Attention deficit disorder genetics are the main focus of current medical studies and the results could help with diagnosis and treatment.
  • When was ADHD First Recognized and Labeled? And Other ADHD Questions
    When was ADHD first recognized and labeled? ADHD was first recognized and labeled in 1902. To many it is a recently-discovered condition, but mentions of it go back as far as 1798. Find out more with our ADHD FAQ.
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