bipolar disorder

Tips for Living With a Bipolar Spouse

If you are living with a bipolar spouse, you may have heard that very few bipolar marriages survive in the long run. You can take steps to strengthen your marriage long before trouble strikes, which will make you more likely to be able to weather the storms that come.

About the Signs of Manic Depression

Manic depression is the older name used to describe the condition currently referred to as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms and signs can resemble those of other mental health disorders.

Bipolar Rage: Avoiding the Outbursts

Bipolar disorder can truly redefine the saying “life is a roller coaster” with manic highs and depressing lows. Among the many emotions associated with this disorder, rage can be the most difficult, and the scariest to experience. Learn about bipolar rage and how to deal with it in this article.

People with Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Story

Bipolar disorder is hard to deal with especially when you have to contend with unusual emotions. You go from angry to happy in what seems like a moment’s notice. Bipolar disorder is not a normal mood swing. It’s something more that can devastate your life.