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  • Treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer
    Is there a way of recognizing inflammatory breast cancer? Who is susceptible to the disease? Where do I look for an inflammatory breast cancer treatment program? Find answers to these questions and more by reading further.
  • The Tumor Marker Blood Test for Breast Cancer
    The diagnosis and monitoring of breast cancer can be aided by a breast cancer tumor marker blood test. Tumor markers can be of use in the determination of a prognosis, the selection of treatment options or the monitoring of a response to therapy in breast cancer.
  • Treatments After Breast Cancer Radiation
    This article outlines the treatments after breast cancer radiation, including the indications and side-effects of radiation therapy for breast cancer. Treatment for breast cancer after radiation and the medical follow-up is equally crucial to ensure the progress of the cancer is under control.
  • The Link Between Breast Cancer and Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Medical research has found possible links between hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer. Women who need treatment for menopausal symptoms should be aware of these risks and consult their doctor before going ahead with HRT.
  • Types of Breast Cancer Tumors
    Breast cancer is often thought of as just one disease, but there are many different types. Some are non-invasive and others are invasive. The type of breast cancer tumor you have affects your treatment and prognosis.
  • Treatment Options for Metastatic Breast Cancer
    Treating breast cancer once it has spread involves a different approach then what would be used for early stages of the disease. What are the metastatic breast cancer treatment options?
  • A Guide to Breast Cancer Hormone Treatments
    This guide contains crucial information on breast cancer hormone treatment for patients, as well as caretakers and family members of breast cancer patients, including precautions and advice on possible side-effects.
  • Characteristics of Malignant Breast Lumps: When to Talk to Your Doctor
    Since early detection plays a role in the treatments used for breast cancer, see a doctor any time you find a new lump or an existing lump grows or changes in any way.
  • The Development of Asthma After Breast Cancer Chemotherapy
    Asthma is a disorder characterized by the inflammation of the airways. There are known environmental factors that can trigger asthmatic symptoms. Recently, breast cancer chemotherapy has been linked as a trigger for asthma.
  • The Link Between HRT and Cancer
    It is important to understand the HRT cancer link for any woman who is planning to take hormone replacement therapy to reduce menopause symptoms. Studies have indicated a linkage between HRT and several types of cancers in women.
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