Brain Tumor and Cell Phone Use: Are they Linked to Brain Cancer?

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Studies Show Cell Phone Use Linked to Brain Tumors

The report, “Cellphones and Brain Tumors: 15 Reasons for Concern, Science, Spin and the Truth Behind Interphone,” issued by the International EMF Collaboration proved that cell phones are in fact linked to brain tumors. The study was conducted and peer reviewed by many top scientists and researchers and the main groups associated with it are the Powerwatch and the Radiation Research Trust. The study analyzes the overwhelming evidence associated with the use of cell phones and their negative effects on health, including brain cancer. It mentions that most studies conducted are funded by telecom agencies that are concerned about losing money if the public were to know the actual dangers of cell phone use. It also lists the increased effects in children and infants.

Another study on cell phones and brain cancer that was published in the International Journal of Cancer showed that people who used a cell phone for more than 2000 hours in their lifetime had a 270 percent increase in getting a brain tumor. This study was done by a collective effort of researches and was overseen by Anna Lahkola from the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority in Finland. It proved that there was a clear evidence of a link between brain tumors and cell phone use with the risks rising from just 40 percent to 270 percent of getting a brain tumor on the preferred side that the cell phone was used more often.

A similar study conducted by the World Health Organization also showed that cell phone devices can significantly increase the risk of some brain tumors. All of these studies proved contrary to years of assurance by the cell phone companies that cell phone use is completely safe.

Others Claim No Increased Risk of Brain Tumors from Cell Phone Use

While several studies conducted all over the world show a clear link between brain tumors and cell phone use, there are still agencies that promote the notion of no increased risk associated with cell phones. The main proponents of such claims are studies funded by the cell phone companies themselves and other corporations who have a vested interest in the public demand for cell phones. These points are clearly listed in the Report by the International EMF Collaboration which shows flaws conducted by the 13-county, Telecom-funded Interphone study.

Until these finding are clearly presented to the public and rigorous assessments are made concerning the use of cell phones, there will remain a period of doubt amongst the public, especially in the area of cell phones and brain cancer risk.


There are certain precautions that can be taken to reduce risk of any brain injury due to cell phone use, such as:

1. Increase the use of a headset.

2. Keep cell phones for short term conversations.

3. Increase the use of non-cellular phones from homes and offices.

4. Switch to speaker phone mode where possible.

5. Buy the phones with the least radiation. Generally older models of phones carry more radiation and increase the risk of injury.

6. Keep cell phones away from infants and kids.

7. Remain a safe distance away from the cell phone when not in use.


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