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  • The Risks of Smoking While on Oral Contraceptives
    If you are taking birth control pills you must be aware of all the potential side effects, one of which can be serious for women who smoke. What is so dangerous about taking oral contraceptives if you smoke?
  • Side Effects of Tubal Ligation
    Tubal ligation side effects often result in post tubal ligation syndrome, despite the fact skeptics say the side effects and syndrome don't exist. 37 percent of women who undergo this procedure report side effects.
  • Bleeding Two Days After Suddenly Stopping Birth Control: What Does it Mean?
    Bleeding two days after suddenly stopping birth control can be of two types — withdrawal bleeding or breakthrough bleeding. If the bleeding occurs during the pill-free intervals, it is called withdrawal bleeding; while breakthrough bleeding occurs because of a missed pill, among other causes.
  • Breakthrough Bleeding When on Birth Control
    Is it normal to experience breakthrough bleeding when on birth control? When should a woman seek medical attention about this problem? Learn more about breakthrough bleeding as a side effect of birth control pills, some factors that causes the bleeding and what may be done about it.
  • Breakthrough Bleeding and Birth Control Pills: What You Need to Know
    What is the link between birth control pills and breakthrough bleeding? How can one deal with breakthrough bleeding, and does it require medical attention? Learn more about the reasons why breakthrough bleeding occurs, and what can be done to prevent it.
  • How Birth Control Works
    Interested in how birth control works? Learn about how barrier methods, contraceptives and sterilization work to prevent pregnancy.
  • Benefits and Risks of Birth Control Pills With Low Estrogen Levels
    Oral contraceptives contain both synthetic estrogen and progestin, but some women cannot take pills with high doses of estrogen. There are alternative contraception options.
  • Effects of Quitting Birth Control Suddenly
    Birth control methods are used to prevent pregnancy, obtain protection from STDs, regulate menstruation and treat menstrual disorders. But what happens after quitting birth control? Learn more the effects of quitting birth control and how these may be dealt with.
  • What are the Advantages of Oral Contraceptives?
    There are many reasons to take the pill, and not all of them have to do with preventing pregnancy. What are the advantages of oral contraceptives?
  • Birth Control Pills and Weight Gain
    Oral contraceptives can cause a number of changes to the body, but do they lead to an increase in body weight? Is there a connection between weight gain and birth control pills?
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