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  • Spotlight on the Causes of Bipolar Disorder
    There are numerous deep discussions about the possible causes of bipolar, a disorder that strikes between 0.5% and 3.5% of the world’s population. Many researchers agree that it is triggered by a combination of physiological traits, environmental factors and genetic predisposition.
  • Facts about Childhood Bipolar Disorder
    Do your child’s moods and behaviors change invariably and intensely? Bipolar disorder interferes with a child’s ability to function due to erratic emotional states. This article explores the symptoms and treatments associated with bipolar disorder.
  • Supporting a Family Member with Bipolar Disorder
    To a person suffering from bipolar, love and support from family members and friends makes a world of difference in their response to treatment and their success in recovery. To help a loved one we can start by learning all we can about the illness, offer hope and give encouragement.
  • How Can I Support my Bipolar Spouse?
    If you are living with a bipolar spouse, you may have heard that very few bipolar marriages survive in the long run. You can take steps to strengthen your marriage long before trouble strikes, which will make you more likely to be able to weather the storms that come.
  • How Can I Support my Bipolar Boyfriend?
    How can you help your bipolar boyfriend and make sure that your relationship with him will last? Read on for some ideas you can use to strengthen your relationship so that it can weather the storm of bipolar disorder and the symptoms that come along with it.
  • Advice for Dating a Bipolar Guy: Top Five Things to Keep in Mind
    So you've been going out for a while, when your boyfriend finally tells you that he has bipolar disorder. Is all lost? Is there any way to make dating a bipolar guy easier and more successful?
  • Spotlight on the Signs and Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder
    Bipolar Disorder signs and symptoms include manic and depressive states. The presence and intensity of symptoms is dependent upon the type of Bipolar Disorder.
  • What is Bipolar Depression?
    Most people with bipolar disorder experience depression but the symptoms can be quite different to people who only experience depression without mania. Find out more about the key features of bipolar depression.
  • The Facts about Bipolar Mania
    Bipolar disorder is a mental Illness that involves major mood swings from mania to depression. Bipolar mania, characterised by intense energy, euphoria, irritability and impulsiveness, is the focus of this article
  • Spotlight on the Signs of Manic Depression
    Manic depression is the older name used to describe the condition currently referred to as bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder can be a difficult condition to diagnose, as the symptoms and signs can resemble those of other mental health disorders.
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