What is Bioinformatics? Learn the Definition and Origins of Bioinformatics Here

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Bioinformatics is a new field of science which relates biotechnology to information technology. It is the profession which pairs biology to computers. This is a rising field where one can relate biology with computers and this has been popularized due to the completion of Human Genome Project. Every bit of the project must be sorted and stored and eventually analyzed.

Many computer algorithms are based upon the mathematical calculations and computer logics. Digitalizing the science is what we define the Bioinformatics as. Now a days it has become a great field and it has created a boom in the field of biotechnology. Many biotechnologists use the help of bioinformaticians and bioinformatiscists for solving their problems.

Bioinformatics is a field which combines Biotechnology with Information Technology. Bioinformatics mainly involves in computerizing the biological data whether it may be from biotechnology or it may be any other biological science. It deals with many different subjects such as chemistry, mathematics, statistics, computers and different kinds of programming languages like C, C++, Java and Oracle.

It also helps in measuring biodiversity as a genomic complement of a particular environment. Computational simulations model different things such as population dynamics or calculate the cumulative genetic health of a breeding population. It is also used in modeling biological systems. It involves the use of computer simulation of cellular subsystems to analyze and visualize the complexity of these processes.

It also helps in designing different kinds of drugs for different types of diseases. Drug designing is one of the major part of bioinformatics. This relates pharmacy and bioinformatics giving rise to a special field known as pharmacoinformatics. Many such fields are rising day by day and many things have become possible by using these fields.

So, Bioinformatics has created a boom in the field of biological science. It deals with different aspects of science and relates it with computers and makes different kind of information available worldwide.