Bioinformatics as a Career Option

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary
field where biology is related to computers or where biotechnology is related
to computers. Biotechnology and Bioinformatics are the next wave after IT in the Indian market. But the questions as to
how many of us should pursue them at this point and apply our own intellect to reach the
truth? One may think of what to do with a bioinformatics or a computational
biology degree. One can have many opportunities after completing a bioinformatics
or computational degree.

In reality
these are the most exciting fields and also the fastest growing industries in the
world since it involves the entire spectrum of ALL biological species –
flowers, plants, mammals, reptiles, animals, or in other words, all living
things. What, How, Where, Why, When are the key questions that confront
specialists in these fields. It is best for those who have a curious mind and want to learn
more and more. As new developments take place, the growth in opportunities is
exponential in nature. And therefore those with a bioinformatics degree are
in high demand and will continue to be so.

These include computational biologists,
computer programmers, molecular modeling researchers, database managers, data
analysts, digestion of data, software engineers, computational analysts, sequence
assemblers, software developers, technical support, bioinformatic software
developers, web developers, etc. Even the information technology companies accept
bioinformatics students for work in as bioinformatics analysts, bio-statisticians,
database programmers, network administrators, data visualization specialists, data
mining specialists, clinical data managers, laboratory information system
analysts, etc.

Job opportunities in Bioinformatics are very wide spread if one thinks of what to do after completing a degree in the field. Now, coming to
the career options one can find many colleges which started bioinformatics.
Nowadays, bioinformatics has created a boom in the country and many colleges are starting curriculums. Post graduate
diploma courses, B.Sc degree, or M.Sc degree are now offered in  Bioinformatics. Some programsinclude
system biology with bioinformatics, some club genomics/proteomics with
bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a widely spread field where one can combine any related field to it. As bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field, it
can be taken by both the students who have math as well as science as their
background. But the main problem is the students with a biology background have to
do math and the students of math need to study science which can be a tough,
but not an impossible task.