Why VB and C++ Make Good Bioinformatic Tools

Many programming languages have been used
nowadays for developing software or tools either in bioinformatics or for other fields.

To explain why VB
or C++ is used as a bioinformatic tool, we must first understand that C
and C++ were one of the first
languages developed. They are the basic ones used in writing programs in the early years, for understanding the concept of
programming. One should have basic knowledge of these languages for becoming a
good programmer. C and C++ provide many functions for modifying data and they
work efficiently if coded for a particular task.

C and C++ are commonly known as
middle-level languages which convert the human understandable language into
computer language. They are used for writing
simple programs and one can develop tools if they gain expertise in
these languages. But many people learn these languages only for the base
it provides in understanding the
concepts of programming and human-machine interface.

C++ is an object oriented programming
language which uses class and objects for running the program. They are object
based, which means based on objects created by classes. They provide inheritance,
polymorphism, data abstraction and data encapsulation. So, it is easy to use
and it also works for doing many of the basic tasks of bioinformatics. The main
disadvantage of C and C++ is that these two are a bit weak in graphical
representation. The graphics of C and C++ are weak and cannot
compete with other languages.

VB stands for Visual Basic and it is a great language for developing
graphical user interface as the name stands for. It is an event driven
programming language where the program is not based on code but it is more
based on the event given. Because of this, it is mainly used to develop many tools and
software for bioinformatics. One can use VBS (Visual Basic Script) for coding.
This is more preferably a offline application and can be run online when it
comes with .NET package. Most stand alone bioinformatic software is developed with VB only.