Autism: Treatment

There are various treatment methods for autism and autism spectrum disorders. These can include therapy, behavior modification, medication, alternative and natural methods, and other forms. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may often be quite different or include a variety of methods. The best success is seen in early intervention services, which is why it’s important that a child is diagnosed and treated as soon as warning signs appear. 

Fine Motor Skills Development in Children with Autism

Specialized learning situations that address the environment, positioning and teaching techniques often promote fine motor skills development in children. Sensory reinforcement also motivates children while providing the stimulation that enhances sensory processing and focus.

Yoga and Autism – A Beneficial Combination

Yoga and autism may seem a strange combination, but physical postures and breathing exercises can benefit children with this disorder. The benefits of yoga include stress reduction, improved concentration, and better balance and coordination. Learn about the yoga poses that can help autistic people.

History of Autism Treatment

So much remains unknown about autism. One aspect of the disability that has changed, however, is the treatment offered to individuals affected by it. Learn about the history of autism treatment and how today’s therapies differ from the harsh treatments people with autism were subjected to years ago.

Medications For Autism: About Drug Treatment for Autism

Children with autism can often benefit from taking medications that are prescribed for certain symptoms. The types of medications used to treat autism-related issues vary depending on a child’s physical or mental needs. Some medications may produce side effects in children and adults with autism.

Alternative Therapy for Treating Autism

Autism is becoming a serious problem in children today. There are many drugs that children can be put on but dangerous prescriptions are not the only option. Learn about all natural, herbal and alternative therapies for autism that are safe and effective.