Autism: Treatment

There are various treatment methods for autism and autism spectrum disorders. These can include therapy, behavior modification, medication, alternative and natural methods, and other forms. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment may often be quite different or include a variety of methods. The best success is seen in early intervention services, which is why it’s important that a child is diagnosed and treated as soon as warning signs appear. 

Autism Stimming: Focus on Treatment of Autism Stimming

Children on the autism spectrum engage in restrictive repetitive behaviors for various reasons. Also referred to in the literature as “self stimulatory” – these stereotypic actions will be described in this article as “autism stimming”. What follows are effective treatments for autism stimming.

TEACCH and Autism: Overview and Insights

The program TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communication related Handicapped CHildren) is a comprehensive approach to teaching children with a broad range of autistic characteristics. Research has shown its highly structured system to be effective in improving daily living skills.

Best Types of Autism Therapy and Their Benefits

Though there is no one cure for autism and no single best treatment, there are a wide variety of therapies that can support your child’s development. Most families blend different types of autism therapy into a specialized and structured program tailored to a child’s needs and abilities.

Treating Vocal Stereotypy in Children

Does your child seem to exhibit signs of vocal stereotypy, such as echolalic speech, noncontextual giggling, or production of random words or sounds? If so, read on for information about how you can minimize their production of vocal stereotypes.

Examples and Benefits of Autism Therapy Toys

Autism therapy toys are useful tools in a variety of settings, from occupational therapy to social skills development. Parents can use such therapy toys to help reinforce learning. Read more to discover the many benefits of therapeutic toys for children on the autism spectrum.

Ideal Sports for kids with autism

Non-team sports for kids with autism such as martial arts, skating or backpacking may be ideal because they promote mental and physical development and the focus is on personal improvement rather than winning.